This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health. This study is the largest effort by the NIH to develop prognostic tools that clinicians can use to calculate the risk of pulmonary progression in a given patient diagnosed with sarcoidosis. The additional goal of this study is to use these prediction tools to determine the optimal follow-up time for clinical monitoring.  

Who is participating in this study?

The study design involves two universities that will be enrolling volunteers with pulmonary sarcoidosis:

  • University of Maryland | Baltimore, Maryland
  • UT Southwestern | Dallas, Texas

How long is the study?

Because the goal of the study is to develop tools that predict the likelihood of progressive sarcoidosis over the follow-up period, the study participants will be followed for up to two years or until the study period ends in March of 2026. 

What will I be expected to do in this study?

The study procedures will involve the usual types of testing that included in routine care. This includes pulmonary function testing and a blood draw. We are also interested in your symptoms related to your sarcoidosis and will ask you to complete questions about your symptoms 

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