Research Interests

We are currently performing clinical studies to investigate how the immune system is affected in sarcoidosis. Below is a list of the types of questions we are trying to answer:

  • How does fatigue and its severity relate to markers in the blood? Can we use this information to guide treatment for fatigue?
  • How does the type and severity of respiratory symptoms relate to immune cells and markers in the blood? Can we identify new "targets" for therapy that could lessen the side effects of current treatment approaches?
  • Are there differences in the types of inflammatory markers in the blood of sarcoidosis subjects with lung disease compared to those without lung disease?
  • What can these differences tell us about the underlying biology of the disease or its progression?
  • Can we develop a blood-based test to diagnose sarcoidosis?
  • Are there blood markers that can better identify patients with active pulmonary sarcoidosis?